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Women & Girls in Scouting


Women, Girls, Allies, and Champions in Scouting
Inaugural Conference

December 2 – 4, 2022 – Pleasanton, California

Overheard at the Conference . . .

Flory' s observations . . .

Flory is GGAC Council’s Co-VP for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

While at Philmont last summer, I was excited to learn that our NST3 Lead, Dr Sangeeta Gupta would spearhead a California conference with timely topics affecting the growing number of women and girls in the BSA. This seminal GGAC sponsored conference, Colour Outside the Lines, builds upon the two initial Philmont conferences from 2021 “Womens and Allies,” and 2022 “Finding Your Seat at the Table.”  Similar to Philmont’s multi-day meetings, 87 men and women Scouters assembled at our conference from various Councils where we learned, discussed and received tools to make the BSA a more welcoming, diverse and inclusive organization. Quite an accomplishment!  

An especially engaging panel discussion was led by three remarkable female leaders “in Industry” who shared their perspective of what leadership means to them and especially what they believe is necessary to become leaders of the future. Their insightful discourses dovetailed that of our Keynote Speaker, Dr. Kim Budil, Director of the Lawrence Livermore National Labs.  Where else can one attend a scouting forum where excellence, the need for diversity, champions and allies are mentioned alongside the phrase “nuclear stockpiles.” 

There was also a great discussion on the Imposter Syndrome that can hold back mainly women from their true potential and an eye-opener for a vast many in the room. Likewise, by including men at the meeting, we met the goal to help develop better allies and mentors for the next generation of girls in scouting. 

A wonderful take-away for me was this realization: Each of us is on our own journey of understanding diversity, equity and inclusion (or DEI). Therefore let’s be cognizant that when we interact with other scouters, they may be very well on their own path and degree of understanding DEI. We need to meet them at their level.“  

Some more observations from attendees . . .

From Elizabeth Ramirez-Washka, BSA VP of Diversity:

“The BSA’s commitment to DEI  is a journey and one of change…we need to bring people along…..we need to be relevant.”       

From Steve Welch, GGAC Sea Scouting Commodore: 

“I was really encouraged by the quality of the seminar’s presenters, their knowledge, experience and the fact that they are Scout moms. I know Sea Scouting has empowered young women for decades to be that fraction of engineers and scientists and this training revealed that girl troops and their leadership can be the equalizing force in society. By offering this revealing training to all Scouts, we can build a society where bropropriating, mansplaining and inequality will be marginalized in the adult world. Scouting can be the liberating movement our society sought 50 years ago and all girls deserve.”

From Winnie Lee, BSA National membership Committee:

“Culturally informed experiences create a unique lens that we need to see through as we meet and invite those who wish to be in scouting.”  

The Conference in Session . . .

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